Isobel ChiangMoraine, Corey Antis


                   9 × 12 in, 72 pages
                   Printing: Letterpress printing (36 plates) 
                   Binding: Long stitch
                   Cover Material: Hand-backed Habotai Silk
                   Inner papers: Sekishu 15gsm
                   Finishing details: Black foil stamp on cover and inner pastedown 
                   Typeface: Marist (Dinamo), Gerstner-Programm (Forgotten Shapes)
                   Production: Small Editions
                   Publisher: Small Editions                   
                   Edition of 20 + 2AP, 2023
                   Book concept: Corey Antis, Isobel Chiang, Hannah Pierce
                   Design: Isobel Chiang, Hannah Pierce
                   Binding and letterpress printing: Sarah Nicholls
                   Silk backing: Sarah Smith
                   Collected by: Harvard University, Tufts University

Moraine is an expanded interpretation of an untitled, one-of-one artist book made by Corey Antis. Conceived as an atlas of various sites in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, the book comprises 2 original drawings made by ink frottage on 9gsm Tengujo paper. The prints act as a 1:1 map and a geological cross-section of areas soon to be built over, refurbished, or erased as the city’s former stockyard undergoes redevelopment. Made on exquisitely delicate and transparent pages, these original drawings of industrial landscapes are made available to a select number of readers.

Moraine, produced in an edition of 20 books + 2APs, allows the atlas to be experienced by a wider audience. The book is letterpress printed on 15gsm Sekishu paper and hardcover bound with hand-backed silk covers. Moraine adds a new dimension to Antis’ ongoing project investigating site, sensation, and legibility.

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